Wondering what to get a stoner for Christmas? Look no further!! Heres what the Weirdo’s want.. and everyone’s a weirdo at heart.

1. Burton 420 Kit

Grab the 420 kit fill it with the finest product, some bob marley papers, and a bic and head up to the local mountain to shred and have a kickass day!

2.Iolite Wispr Vaporizer
Spoil yourself with the new handheld vaporizer by iolite. When you use one of these you will get so geeked you will eat your whole fridge.

3.Denny’s gift card

When times get hazy and hungry money seems to be spent on other things then food. For these times pull out the dennys gift card your grandma gave you and go grub till your sober!

4. The 420 girls Smoking weed book!

You love to smoke weed, you love naked chicks? Why not combine the two, and grab the Naked Girls Smoking Weed  book by Rob Griffith


Every stoner knows oreo’s are the best snack to have around when the mind is lifted!

6.Chromium Crusher

I don’t know about you, but who wants to grind up buds with your fingers, then have your fingers sticking all over the wrap? Thats right, no one. So step into the real world and pick up one of these cheap grinders from Amazon. Plus you can collect keef, like The Keef Box

7. WeedStar 5MM Double Bubbler bong

Glass on Glass? Check. Small? Check. Cheap? check. This piece has everything you’d look for in a nice smoking device. Under 100 dollars, I would say this is the best gift idea on the list.

8. What odor?

What odor? That is the question when you use What Odor?. This stuff gets rid of any scent in any scenario. No questions asked.

9. Box of Blueberry swishers

What stoner doesn’t smoke blunts? Let them save their change for more weed, grab this 50 box of blueberry Swisher Sweets for them!

10. Nug Pillow Case

After a hard day of nugs to the dome, pass out in more nugs!

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